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No alcohol can be taken on our coaches and

Foul and Abusive language will not be tolerated




The preferred way to book a place on the coach is in the Caledonian Suite on a Saturday Home Game.

But if you want to book by phone or e-mail then do so by Thursday at 17:00 for a Saturday game, and Sunday at 17:00 for a Tuesday game. We will try and accommodate everyone who books this way, until the coach is full.


Non members are required to pay at the time of booking their seat.


If you are booking by e-mail please use bookings@owwsa.co.uk , please make sure you receive an acknowledgement from Rena regarding your booking. If you do not receive one within a couple of days, then please phone Rena or Graham to confirm.


Rena :- 01494 520179

Graham:- 07876 267301




Coach Travel


  1. OWWSA are committed to provide a minimum of one Coach to every away first team match for Football League games and FA and other Cup Matches.
  2. OWWSA will endeavour to provide this as a service to members as a cost effective and efficient operation.
  3. This service is primarily for members but non-members may be booked on coaches, however non-members will be liable to pay a surcharge over and above the fare charged to members.
  4. Fares and surcharges will be fixed by the committee, and published in advance on the OWWSA website.
  5. Bookings may be taken at the ground at home matches prior to the away game. For non members these should be paid for at that time. Bookings may also be taken on coaches for the next away game at the discretion of the coach organiser or coach steward.
  6. When a seat booking is made, this constitutes a contract between OWWSA and the person booking the seat. Based on this OWWSA will book the appropriate size and number of coaches. This requires a minimum of two days notice to the coach provider, and the cut off date and time are published on the OWWSA website. If a cancellation is made after that cut off time, or the person booking the seat does not turn up, payment must be made for this seat. Refunds will only be made at the discretion of the committee.
  7. If a match is cancelled or abandoned, at the discretion of the committee, the fare will be refunded in whole or part. To enable this to happen, a separate fund will be created by the committee. This provision only applies to members of OWWSA.
  8. It is a Criminal Offence to take alcohol on any Coach going to a Football Match. This could result in the Police taking action against the Association, the Coach operator and Driver as well as the individual concerned, resulting in prosecution. The committee will take a serious view if there is any attempt made to bring alcohol onto any of our coaches.





Our Insurers had withdrawn their offer to cover us with travel insurance. We have contacted many brokers and insurance companies who have been unable to give us a quotation that, pricewise can compete with the cover we previously enjoyed.

We have therefore decided at a recent emergency committee meeting to put the following in place.


The money that we would have paid to our insurance company for our annual cover will be set aside. Each coach fare paid by you includes a small contribution to insurance, and therefore this will be added to the amount put aside. If a game is called off once the coach has left Aylesbury, and therefore the coach has to be paid for, there will still be funds to refund your fare to you. So in actual fact, you are covered financially just as you were before.

We hope this meets with your approval, and lets hope that not to many games get postponed in the future.


Please note this only applies to Members, non members will not be covered.

Man of the Match at Barnet was

Sam Saunders



Once again OWWSA arranged for a long weekend trip to Morecambe which was enjoyed by all who went. Here is a picture taken shortly before departure back to Adams Park (click on photo for larger version)



Winners and Losers of the Quiz held on Friday 13th January 2017

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Two letters from the Club

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Away Travel

Updated 02/12/15

Don't forget to join OWWSA to save on away travel. Membership form can be found by clicking on OWWSA Membership Form above.



Updated 07/10/2013

The Club are looking for volunteers to help with the maintenance of the ground and training ground.


If you would be prepared to help in any way, please contact John Derben on 01494 441145 or chairman@owwsa.co.uk who would be delighted to hear from you.



Updated 24/08/14

After every away game, the supporters on the Motts coach will vote for their Man of the Match. See the Tab Above "AWAY Match MoM"



Updated 15/05/2013

We would like to appeal for someone who could spend a few hours each month to help us with publicity, and creating a regular newsletter for all our members, and also publicise OWWSA to the regular Wycombe Wanderers supporters. If you are interested please e-mail chairman@owwsa.co.uk



Updated 15/05/2013

We would like to correspond with as many members via e-mail, so if you would like to send your e-mail address to our membership secretary at membership@owwsa.co.uk it would help save us money on postage.



Updated 15/05/2013

Why join OWWSA? What's in it for me?

Everybody knows its registering your support and taking advantage of the discounts on already reasonably priced coach travel.

We have also forged strong links with the Wycombe Wanderers Trust.

Membership information is available by clicking on the Membership Info tab above.


The Official Wycombe Wanderers Supporters Association provides transport to all First Team away games.

OWWSA benefits from having signed a long term agreement with Motts Travel who also supply the Football Club team coach. This means that we can guarantee quality travel at competitive prices.

We seek to add value to this service by

Serving hot drinks on the journey.

Organising pre-match meals on certain longer journeys.

Contacting the away clubs to arrange admission to their facilities where ever possible.

No alcohol is allowed on any coach. If something happened that the police had to come onto the coach and they found alcohol then the coach would be immediately turned around and we would not be allowed to carry on to the football match.


We always plan to get coaches to games approximately 1 1/2 hours before kick off, and in most cases this leaves time for travellers to find a local pub or club if required.


At a recent committee meeting the topic of foul and abusive language was discussed. The committee will not condone the use of this on our coaches or at matches.


Anybody that is found to be using this language on the coaches will be warned, and if it continues will be banned from using coaches in the future. At the match we would ask you to consider the people sat around you.


In the past we have had a fantastic reputation as a family club, and this is certainly not the kind of language we would want children to learn, and for children and women to be subjected to.