P.A.L.S. July 9th

What a brilliant day we had on Sunday despite the very hot weather 30 volunteers managed to clean the Frank Adams Upper seating, paint the stair risers black, strim the area to the side of the entrance stair case, clean up the pitch surround to the stand and jet wash the staircases to both ends of the Stand.

Trevor Stroud visited us in the afternoon and we were supported by Gordon Riley, Trevor Morgan and Chris the Bar Manager. With moral support from Damian Irvine. All together great progress and my personal thanks to all the people involved on the day. Evidence of work well done!!!!

There is a catch because we have to finish the job and so we are planning another Sunday the 23rd July when we will clean the rest of the seats. The same arrangements apply, it will be great to see a sparkling stadium at our first match against Wimbledon on the 25th July

Thanks again
Regards John

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