P.A.L.S. 10th & 24th September

It’s that time again, we need to tackle the banks around the car park. Several of you have asked about the dates and I can now confirm that with agreement with the club, we have now fixed Sunday 10th September and Sunday 24th September for our work parties.

The usual arrangements apply, 9:30am / 10:00am start 4:00pm finish, but of course you can leave early too your own program, no tools are required although if you have a spare petrol strimmer that would be helpful, and a sandwich lunch will be provided along with plenty of drinks.

The job is essentially working behind a team of strimmers and collecting all the rubbish which will be put into bags and taken up to the dump by tractor.

Please let me know if you can come, especially on the 10th as I have to organise the sandwiches next week.

This has almost become a social occasion, and if the weather is fine we should have a good time.

Please contact me by telephone or email, I will be pleased to hear from you.


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